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Tension in the body can stem from, among other things, poor posture at work or weight training. Tension can also be caused by stress or because something is bothering us. Healing massage can help in all cases.

Empathy and a holistic approach
The approach to the massage is empathetic and holistic with the aim of connecting body, mind and soul. I combine the healing massage techniques with deep tissue / sport massage techniques according to your needs.

If were to summarise in a few words what massage achieves, it would be that it:

groenthjerte   increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
groenthjerte   improves the body’s energy flow
groenthjerte   gives a feeling of well-being, wellness and relaxation

The process is based on gentle, caring strokes
The process is based on gentle, caring strokes Healing massage is a relaxing and caring body massage that body, mind and soul will adore. The strokes used in massage are long, caring strokes which are initially verygentle. If I find any particular areas that are tense, then I can use stronger strokes that are also combined with deep tissue massage. But I never use more pressure than you want. I can also stop massaging for a short time at a particular point and use my hands for healing.

When massage is combined with healing the body’s transition back to equilibrium is accelerated. In other words healing helps loosen tense muscles and take aches and pains away. During a 1½ hour session, about 10-15% is healing.




What is healing?
From time to time I am asked the question: ’Hvad er healing egentlig?’ As you can read elsewhere on this website, my background and education are scientific – in economics and business administration. Which means that I also wanted to know and understand what healing is, and how it works.

I can’t explain healing in scientific terms. But what I can do is see its results – that it is about strong, positive energy that gets transferred to the recipient. The energy is physical as well as mental. That is why it makes us feel better about ourselves, with an inner peace and harmony, as well as making us feel the same about those around us. In other words, healing seems to give us a greater sense of space for others and ourselves.

I can see, hear and feel that it works for people I have massaged. You can read more in the references and feedback You can read more in the, I have received.

Your body stops by itself
Once you have received the right amount of healing energy you need, your body will simply “switch off ” from taking in more energy – all by itself. This is perfectly natural, and not something either you or I can switch on or off at will.

Professional massage table, oil
I use a professional massage table as well as unperfumed massage oil.

     October 2006