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Here are some of the many comments and feedback I have received:

‘Thank you! My back and shoulders are much better now, so I want to book another appointment with your magic hands!’ *

Christian Andersen, 31

’Ruben, your massage was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I hadn’t been able to sleep for more than three or four hours at a time for the past few months because of thinking about my divorce. But since your massage I have slept like a baby – eight hours every night. And I’m also surprised that I’ve stopped worrying so much.’ *

Carina T,36

‘Great hands!!!’

Mads Elung-Jensen, 41

’Yippee, I feel really spoiled. And it was time all to myself! As I said, I have real problems finding time for myself in my daily routine. But the hour and a half on your massage table – all I could do was relax and switch off. The best thing about it was the even my mind felt relaxed.’ *

Gitte Hansen, 42
Mother of two teenagers
Benefits Clerk, Copenhagen City Council

‘Many thanks for a super massage yesterday. It was really great. You have magical hands!’ *

Mikael K. Hansen, 37

’You’ve earned a big reward …. because you’re so good at your job fag 🙂 …. I hope you don’t get too many clients – if you do there’ll be less time for the rest of us 🙂 ’ *

René L, 42
IT analyst

‘Hi, thanks for the massage. Your hands are f…… amazing excuse the language but I was so chilled all night, slept like baby and by the way if ur doing both reiki and massage u should charge more, except me of course. When u put ur hand on my forehead: was so electric.’

Frank, Great Britian, 34
legal counsellor for hospitalized patients


‘Thanks for a fabulous healing massage! It’s been a long time since I had such a good massage. You really do have good hands – and by that I mean both healing and with your massage technique. I really got loosened up – all those things you store up, and ideas you have – I could just sort them all out. I got in touch with some old demons, which doesn’t surprise me. My experience as a therapist is that just that sort of suppressed anger causes tension on your neck and back…

…really great on many levels. I’ll gladly come again and recommend you to other people’ *

Peter Mark, 49
Doctor, Coach and Therapist

     October 2006