Min baggrund in English



I have always given massages to friends and people I know, and in the spring of 2005 I decided to go professional.

I have a master’s degree in Design and Communications Management from Copenhagen Business School where I specialised in strategic integrated communications. But after 10 years working in marketing and communications it was time for a change. I have had a multitude of different jobs as a project leader, marketing manager, communications consultant, copywriter, clerk, marketing co-ordinator, given training to junior office assistants andwhen I was still at school I worked in a shop and a petrol station in my spare time. And while I was a student at business school I even worked as an unqualified home help” – yes, that it what the job title actually was 😉

Reiki healing
My change of career started back in 2003, when I realised that I had tried just about everything interesting in marketing and communications. In fact I was really just bored in my job. People say that it doesn’t matter what product or service you work with in marketing and communications because the principles are the same:
improving turnover or margin, selling more, raising awareness of a brand and so on. But I simply had no interest in the products I was responsible for, so I decided to look for a job in a company with a product or service I really was interested in.

Getting further into healing
Slowly I realised that I wanted to get further into healing.It was only in the autumn of 2005 that I found out how to go about this when I met a woman who was training to be a healing masseuse. As she told me about the course, I was drawn as if by a magnet to what she said, and I knew that I had to know more. I went on the basic 50-hour course module and was fascinated. I took more modules over the months that followed and before I knew it (in fact I really did know it) I had passed the basic training in May2006. 250 hours of classroom training along with 50 “test massages” on people at home.

A radical change – from master’s degree to masseur
Switching from marketing to healing massage was a radical change. And it has taken me a few years to get used to the idea of having a “healing touch” that a masseur needs to have. I had a rational upbringing and an education where everything was measured and analysed. Starting with mathematics, my high school exams, all the way through to my business studies and my master’s degree.

The “alternative world”
The theories, phenomena and practices which I have taken on from the “alternative world” are the ones I can feel working myself. In other words I have used my common sense and been sceptical along the way – something that I still am. But I think that you should try everything once, and I am curious enough to actually do so when I come across something new.

Personal development
Even though I say that it was a somewhat radical change to become a masseur, it was actually a process that lasted several years without me realising it – at least in the first few years. Back in 1997 I started to take an interest in personal development, taking part in lots of different courses over the years. For example, “Learn to be your own best friend”, “Giraffe Language”, “Introduction to the Enneagram” and “Conflict Management”, which taught me to support and help my colleagues when there were major organisational changes at work. Also “Active Listening” and many others.

Children speed up your own personal development
I count myself lucky to have the pleasure of being a step-dad to two children from a previous relationship. Not just the pleasure of the learning experience they give me, but also the downside – finding out that the eldest was a rebellious teenager. With such enormous issues, your world is turned upside down and your patience tested to the limits. It even forces you to ask questions about your whole existence.

I like to say that having children is like having a turbocharger for your own personal development. Children are a gift, but also hard work. Even though it has been great, I have occasionally wondered why I went in for it, as I am “just” their step dad. But after so many years you have just got so close to each other that I think of them as my own sons.

Born in 1968, originally from Roskilde
I was born in 1968 in Roskilde, 30 km west of Copenhagen and lived there until I was 23, when I moved to Copenhagen. I have lived in several places in the city centre and now have a place about four kilometres from the centre, going south towards the airport, and only a stone’s throw from the beach. Great!

Enough about me. You are the focal point of the massage. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

     October 2006