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Healing massage is a relaxing and caring massage that your body, mind and soul will love. Healing massage is about spoiling yourself for the pure pleasure of it, regardless of whether you:

groenthjerte want to relieve tension in sore and tense muscles
     after training or a workout

groenthjerte are stressed or tense because of the way you sit
    or stand at work

groenthjerte use massage for personal development to release emotional

Or just if you need an hour and a half of being looked after by skilled hands, to take stress away and be spoiled. Read more about healing massage


Less muscular tension – it goes without saying that you get this from a massage. But people who have been to me for a massage have also said that they:

groenthjerte    feel more optimistic

groenthjerte    feel more peaceful – they slept unusually well

groenthjerte    able live better in the now

Some say that they feel more in harmony with themselves and the people around them – that they feel more at ease with the world.

Read some of the comments and feedback I have received.


Thank you for visting my home page. My name is Ruben Fryd – which is why my home page is called ’massagefryd’. But ’Fryd’ is also the Danish word for joy so maybe it is also because people who have had my hands work on them feel just that. But read for your self what people have said under references.

I have a degree in healing massage and am now (October 2006) undergoing an advanced training course. I expect to be fully qualified by autumn 2008. With a master’s degree from Copenhagen Business School, and after ten years of working in media and communications, I felt it was time for a change. A change towards massage. Read more about me

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The price for a 1½ hour full body massage is DKK 500 or 67 Euro, payable in cash. If you bring your own two sheets and a towel then the price is DKK 470 or 62 Euro.

I work at home in southern Copenhagen. The address is Elbagade 19,, 2300 Copenhagen S. Elbagade is a cross street to Amagerbrogade, which is a main road coming from Central Copenhagen south towards the airport. Street parking is easy and free of charge and the journey by bus is also very easy. You can check details of journey by buse at the journey planner website

I work every day except Saturday starting from 8:00 in the morning. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wdnesdays and Thursdays I also work in the evening. More information

      October 2006